Genoa Juve: Rocchi disappointed but Massa will not be stopped

Two significant errors made by referee Massa and VAR Fabbri proved decisive in the clash between Genoa and Juventus. However, despite the controversy, no action is currently being taken against the Imperia whistle-blower.

All parties were unhappy with the officiating, but Massa, just like in the aftermath of the stormy match between Napoli and Inter, will face “no stopping by anyone”. This is according to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

The newspaper further reveals that Fabbri’s future role is under scrutiny following clear oversights with the VAR technology during the game.

The decisions made by both referee Massa and VAR operator Fabbri in the game had significant implications on the final result, leading to widespread dissatisfaction. Despite this, no direct action is being taken against Massa.

Similar discontent followed his handling of the contentious Napoli-Inter match, yet no punitive measures were enforced then either. The continued lack of action illustrates a prevailing sense of frustration within the footballing community.

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