Genoa, Gilardino: Dragusin is already in the past, Retegui needs to do more

Alberto Gilardino, manager of Genoa football club, has addressed the club’s upcoming match against Torino in a press conference.

Quoted by Calcionews24, he began his speech by bidding farewell to player Radu Dragusin, before focusing his attention on Bani, De Winter, Vasquez, Vogliacco, and Matturro. “We’ve bid him farewell and wished him well. Radu, has now moved on. The focus is now on Bani, De Winter, Vasquez, Vogliacco, and Matturro. My aim is to enhance these players further”, Gilardino said.

Gilardino stressed the need for his players to raise their individual and collective performances, especially for the upcoming second half of the season. “The bar has been raised in this return leg. Teams will be strengthened and I must think about the present,” he stated. He went on to encourage his squad to seize the opportunity to impress and play, particularly in front of their fans, emphasizing the need for careful, gutsy, and intelligent play when in possession of the ball.

Moving on to discuss player Retegui, Gilardino revealed expectations were high: “We expect more from Retegui. There is a strong desire to ‘find’ him again, we wait for him because we need him. There’s willingness within the team to put him in the best conditions but also from his side to do more.”

He noted Retegui’s early season form had been cut short by injuries, but insisted that motivation was high: “The injuries took something away, but he’s coming back and the motivation is high. We restart, there are 19 games and we start from zero. It’s a brand new championship. Mentally, that’s how it should be. We should think only of ourselves and the team″.

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