Gasperini sees possible aim at Coppa Italia, confirms Scalvini’s recovery, comments on Hien

Atalanta’s head coach, Gian Piero Gasperini, has shared his thoughts ahead of their home game against Sassuolo in the Italian Cup, the Coppa Italia. Speaking to Mediaset, Gasperini reflected on the team’s past performances in the competition and the importance of their upcoming match.

Gasperini, whose Atalanta team have made it to the Coppa Italia final twice in recent years without clinching the trophy, said, “For us, it’s an important tournament because in recent years we have reached the final twice without managing to win it. This year we start again, and we have this match against Sassuolo that we will approach with the right attention.” He added that the Coppa Italia is a feasible trophy for the team and the importance of the competition grows as it reaches the final stages.

The Atalanta coach also touched on the team’s fitness, with a particular reference to one of the players, Scalvini. “Today’s training will determine Scalvini’s condition and if he’ll be match-ready. But no doubt, it’s going to be a tough game”, he noted, further signalling a positive attitude towards the match.

Finally, Gasperini spoke about another Atalanta player, Hien, describing him as a valuable contributor in areas where the team has been experiencing difficulties. “He definitely covers a sector where we’ve had some trouble, so he’ll be a significant help. He’s familiar with the league, so he will be useful,” the coach concluded.

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