Gasperini cites Bologna-Atalanta as crucial match, comments on Scamacca ahead of game

On the eve of Atalanta’s away clash with Bologna, head coach Gian Piero Gasperini gives his thoughts on the match. Speaking to Sky Sport Italy, Gasperini discussed the preparedness of his team, his views on opposing squad Bologna, the importance of player Freuler to Atalanta, and his stance on the controversial Super League.

Concerning his squad’s readiness, Gasperini said, “Except for Toloi and Palomino, the full squad is ready. We have done well in both the championship and the Europa League, but we also want to do well tomorrow in what will be a very important match.”

Gasperini also acknowledged Bologna as a tough opponent, known for their strong finishes in the latter part of the last season. “They are not an unexpected adversary for Europe, they have been performing very well since the second part of the previous season and they deserve the position they have. They will be a competitor for qualification in the cups,” Gasperini stated.

Discussing midfielder Remo Freuler, a staple figure in Atalanta’s team over the years, Gasperini praised his consistent contributions. He suggested, “Freuler is a significant part of Atalanta’s history, they have high spirits given they haven’t been placed this high in the rankings in years. We had that same enthusiasm in the beginning and strive to carry it forward each year.”

Lastly, touching on the ongoing European Super League topic, the Atalanta gaffer said the current proposition is different from the one dismissed earlier. He emphasized, “We need to understand that this is something different from what was rejected earlier. Nevertheless, we collectively assert that football should belong to everyone, with meritocracy taking primacy.”

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