Galliani on Di Gregorio’s Potential Move to Juventus

Adriano Galliani, CEO of Monza, has offered some insight into the future of Michele Di Gregorio among rumours of interest from Juventus. He expressed his views at the margins of the Lega Assembly.

Galliani firmly stated, “I have not spoken with any team. The player has three years left on his contract, his agent is a good person and we are staying calm. I always think year by year, it was the same when I was at Milan. Life for me is from July 1 to June 30. I’m not talking about the transfer market now.”

In the speculated talks regarding Palladino, Galliani didn’t shy away from expressing his frustration, “Why do we have to keep repeating the same things? Palladino and I said we would talk on May 27 and we will speak on May 27. These are the agreements and we try to respect them in life.”

Reacting to the goals made by Maldini, Galliani warmly stated, “For me, it’s romantic that the two goals of Salerno were scored by two boys, one born in Milan and one in Monza, one raised in the youth sector of Milan and one in the youth sector of Monza. The first call I made after the game was to Paolo Maldini and I told him ‘finally a Maldini who scores and not a fullback like you who never scored’. He burst out laughing like a madman.”

Finally, commenting on the 18 teams in Serie A, he maintained a simple stance. “My thoughts are straightforward: for 20 years Serie A has played with a format of 20 teams. Now someone thinks that the championship, which has always remained the same, should change to include even more games from FIFA and UEFA. Shall we change the A format for three or four teams? Or for the one or two teams who will play in the Club World Cup? We are standing firm and need to change for it to be 8, 10, 12 and to allow some to play more games organised by others? The concept is simple. Overbooked schedule? But who is overbooking it? Not the Italian Federation,” Galliani declared.

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