Galli: Gabbia’s connection with Milan could be advantageous

Former AC Milan footballer and executive, Filippo Galli has been speaking to Tuttosport about the return of Matteo Gabbia to the Rossoneri.

“Clearly, with his return, the settling-in period and getting to know the environment that a new player needs is bypassed, given that Gabbia grew up at Milan and is already familiar with the first team environment,” Galli told Tuttosport. “He knows everything: the players, the staff, and most importantly, Pioli’s game.”

He went on to note that it’s indeed easier to integrate into a context where things are going well. Galli expressed confidence that Gabbia would be able to contribute to the team. The close tie with the club is undeniable, especially as Matteo is a product of AC Milan’s youth sector.

Galli further explained that Gabbia, who had started off as a midfielder, had been shifted to play as a centre-back due to his ability to build from the back – a skill that was appreciated in players even back then.

As Galli proceeded to evaluate Gabbia in a technical sense, he praised Gabbia for his proficient skills. When it comes to defence, while Gabbia might not possess great speed, he compensates for it with a superior ability to read the game. Galli suggested that this skill set could come to Milan’s advantage.

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