Galatasaray’s Manager Confirms Decision on Zaniolo’s Future

Buruk Okan, the Galatasaray manager, has weighed in on the future of Nicolò Zaniolo with the Turkish club.

In an interview with Fanatik, Buruk Okan offered insights into Zaniolo’s prospects ahead of the upcoming transfer window.

“I was in Italy over the weekend. There, I happened to meet Zaniolo’s representative,” Okan recounted.

The Galatasaray manager has been in discussions to clarify the midfielder’s role and potential moves in the next season.

With speculation mounting about Zaniolo’s future, Okan’s remarks provide a glimpse into the club’s stance and forthcoming strategies.

Expectations are high, and fans are keenly watching to see if Zaniolo will remain with Galatasaray or entertain new opportunities.

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