Frosinone: Soulé emphasises the significance of winning a direct confrontation

Matias Soulé, Frosinone’s forward, has shared his thoughts after his team’s victorious match against Genoa. Speaking to Dazn, Soulé expressed a sense of elation and gratitude towards the home supporters for their backing, and fondness for the atmosphere at the home ground.

“For us, this victory is very important, it was a direct clash and we are pleased to have come out with three points,” Soulé said. He opined on the significance of the recent win in helping the squad’s standing, and spoke to the anticipation of a challenging fixture in the following week.

Quoting Soulé, he added, “These points were vital for us, next week awaits a tough commitment.”

There was a notable admiration from Soulé for the home atmosphere, as he relayed the benefits from the fan base’s support. “There is a beautiful atmosphere here, playing at home for us is always fantastic, these fans give us a great help.”

Reflecting on the team’s impressive form, he tacitly praised their home record, stating, “We have lost only one game at home, and that says something,” inferring a certain fortitude from the team’s strong home performance thus far.

This reaction, shared with Dazn, encapsulates the spirit of the Frosinone squad as they navigate their way through the football season, buoyed by their recent victory against Genoa.

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