Frosinone, Di Francesco: We’re preparing to face Juventus at our best

Frosinone’s head coach, Eusebio Di Francesco, has shared his thoughts on an upcoming match with Juventus during a recent press conference.

The coach stated that his team is preparing for an important match. He emphasized the vital role of vigour and preparedness, indicating that despite the Christmas eve, the team is intensely focused. In his words, “We are preparing diligently and are geared towards tomorrow’s game.”

Di Francesco expressed his hope for a significant audience turnout, noting that he has observed substantial enthusiasm. However, he cautioned his side not to overlook what has set them apart so far: humility and pragmatism.

As he spoke about his players, he mentioned that Harroui is gradually recovering his form but had faced initial challenges. There was doubt expressed regarding Harroui starting the game due to his current situation.

Turning his attention to the opponent, Di Francesco acknowledged the absence of player Chiesa, stressing that it changes the playing characteristics of Juventus. Though he expressed uncertainty in predicting who will play tomorrow for Juventus, he dismissed relying squarely on Yldiz. He hinted that Milik could play and praised his ability to operate between the lines.

Discussing Juventus’s coach, Allegri, Di Francesco revealed profound respect for him, mentioning that Allegri had even referenced him in a book. As he concluded, Di Francesco stressed that while they approach football differently, he admitted some relief, as their sport would be boring if everyone had the same approach.

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