Frosinone, Di Francesco: Draw would have been fair, but we won with desire to do so

Frosinone coach, Eusebio Di Francesco, has given his post-match comments after a challenging game against Genoa. His team managed to secure a hard-fought victory, a result that Di Francesco was evidently pleased with.

In the post-match interview with Dazn, Di Francesco said, “I am happy today because it was a game of suffering.”

He was not entirely content with his team’s performance in the first half, particularly pinpointing how his team, along with player Soulé, lacked clear-mindedness. According to Di Francesco, Genoa is skilled at playing a defensive game and showed their tenacity on the field.

“We really wanted this win,” Di Francesco stated, highlighting the team’s fiery determination that was evident in their substitutions and overall approach to the game.

He also spoke highly of Soulé. Despite his technical abilities, it’s Soulé’s human qualities that Di Francesco believes should be maintained and appreciated.
Di Francesco conceded that a draw was a fair result considering how the match progressed.

“It was a good Genoa,” he commented, praising the opposition’s field positioning and physical robustness. Nevertheless, Frosinone’s drive to secure a win in the end made the difference, according to Di Francesco. He concluded by saying, “We wanted to win the game in the end, and that made the difference.”

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