Frosinone, Di Francesco: Draw was fair, but we won with the will to do so

Frosinone manager, Eusebio Di Francesco, shared his comments following the match against Genoa, discussing his satisfaction with the tough encounter, according to an interview with Dazn.

He expressed his pleasure stating, “Today I am happy because it was a hard-fought game”. However, he noted that Soulé and the rest of the team lacked sharpness in the first half, stating, “Il Genoa is very good at closing down its opposition, it’s an awkward team and it showed it”.

Di Francesco commented on their desire for victory and changes in attitude and added that Soulé possesses technical skills but also essential human qualities that he must retain. Despite this, he admitted that a draw would have been a fair result considering the flow of the match.

“We wanted to win the match towards the end, and this made all the difference”, he revealed, expressing his ambition. He was also full of praise for Genoa, as he believed they had a good setup and looked physically fit and well in the field.

Di Francesco’s comments underline the need for resilience and fight in the competitive world of football, reflecting his enthusiastic approach to managing Frosinone.

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