Friedkin cools Mourinho renewal talks in Roma: the situation

José Mourinho, the current manager of AS Roma, recently expressed his intentions to renew his contract and remain with the club in the coming years to continue their youth development programme. However, according to ‘La Repubblica’, the Friedkin group, current owners of Roma, appear to be hesitant regarding Mourinho’s contract renewal.

They are seemingly focusing on the team reaching certain milestones before initiating any contract renewal negotiations. A prime target mentioned is ensuring AS Roma’s qualification for the upcoming UEFA Champions League. The Friedkin group seems to be interested in linking Mourinho’s contract extension with this major achievement for the club.

So, while José Mourinho appears committed to Roma and its ongoing improvement, it seems that his future at the club will be closely tied to their success on the pitch, particularly when it comes to securing a position in one of the most prestigious tournaments in European football.

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