France, Aulas officially becomes the new Vice-President of the Federation

Jean-Michel Aulas has been officially appointed as the new vice-president of the French Football Federation. Formerly the leading figure of Lyon, he expressed his thoughts after his election.

Speaking about his excitement, Aulas said, “It’s a great pleasure to be here with you this morning.” He showed great commitment and discussed his experience of having “37 years of good and loyal service in the professional world.”

He further expanded on his connection with the amateur world of football and his understanding of the struggles of presiding over and coaching an amateur football club. Aulas explained the significance of his decision, saying, “That’s why it was important to respond favourably to this proposal.”

These statements suggest that Aulas is ready to leverage his extensive experience and dedication to take on this new role and make a positive impact on French football. His comments were understood to convey his intent to bridge the gap between the professional and amateur realms of the sport.

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