Fonseca implies Ibrahimovic fits perfectly into Milan’s project, comments on Conte – VIDEO

The words from Ibrahimovic during the press conference about the announcement of Fonseca as the new manager of Milan for the next season

It’s Fonseca Day at Milan, and to introduce the new Rossoneri coach, Zlatan Ibrahimovic made an appearance, showcasing confidence and an awareness of bringing the perfect tactician to the Diavolo.

“You can feel his experience and his winning mentality right away,” said Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the press conference, signalling his belief in the coach’s capabilities, as reported by Sky Sports.

Ibrahimovic emphasised the importance of this new chapter for Milan and expressed his excitement about working under Fonseca.

“He’s exactly what we need to take the next step,” Ibrahimovic added, reinforcing his faith in the new appointment.

Several topics were addressed during the event, reflecting on the tactical vision and the future objectives for the club under Fonseca’s leadership.

Ibrahimovic concluded by urging the fans to support the new manager, declaring, “With Fonseca, we are ready to chase new victories.”

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