Florence Mayor discusses Franchi stadium revamp with Minister Abodi

Florence’s mayor, Dario Nardella, has broached the topic of the Artemio Franchi stadium’s restoration in an interview with Italian newspaper, La Nazione.

Nardella spoke on his discussion with Italy’s sport minister Abodi. With the aim of aligning the renovation work with the team’s needs, a minor regulatory change is required that can be initiated only by the government.

He stated, “I have spoken to Minister Abodi. The only way to extend the work and reconcile it with the team’s needs is a small regulatory change that only the government can make.” Nardella emphasized the efforts being made to engage in dialogue with the government and Fiorentina (the local football club), to reach the objective without delaying the preparatory work scheduled for completion by the end of January.

The mayor clarified that constructing a stadium equipped with fridges and glasses in the skyboxes would significantly increase the costs incurred. As per Nardella, that’s where Abodi’s provision facilitating private investments comes into play.

“In trade for a long-term concession and a reduction on the fee,” he suggested, “it would be possible to utilise Abodi’s regulation that encourages private intervention to complete everything.”

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