First poll for Lenglet in Milan: what emerges

AC Milan has begun initial enquiries about the potential signing of Clement Lenglet, a Barcelona defender currently on loan at Aston Villa, due to his limited playing time in the Premier League.

This report comes from Italian football news site, indicating that the Rossoneri are looking for ways to strengthen their defence come the January transfer window. Despite being owned by Barcelona, Lenglet’s stint at Aston Villa doesn’t seem to be providing him enough opportunities on the field.

Milan has started by conducting preliminary enquiries, gleaning information about the player’s situation to potentially bring him to Italy. The Italian club appears interested in a left-footed centre-back like Lenglet, hoping that his ball playing skills would complement the aggressive style of their current defender, Tomori.

A significant hurdle for this potential transfer is Lenglet’s excessive salary. Barcelona would need to cover a portion of his wages for the idea to become feasible for Milan. As of now, it remains a concept but could become a more concrete prospect under the right conditions.

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