Fiorentina’s Italiano named December’s Coach of the Month

The Italian Serie A league, represented by Luigi Di Servio, has named Vincenzo Italiano as the coach of the month for December.

In a statement, Di Servio commended the performance of Fiorentina- the team coached by Italiano, in December. He said, “Fiorentina under Vincenzo Italiano stood out for the quality of gameplay, concreteness and defensive organisation to the point of conceding a single goal in 5 matches.”

This is Vincenzo Italiano’s second time winning the title of coach of the month. His success has been attributed to his ability to harness the full potential of his team. Di Servio went on to praise Italiano’s leadership and management skills in creating a competitive team with a winning mentality.

“The Fiorentina, vying for a spot in the Champions League, is the result of the excellent work of its coach and the management, who have prepared a competitive team with a winning mentality,” he added.

The statements were delivered by Luigi Di Servio representing the Serie A league.

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