Fiorentina’s Biraghi: We are growing in tandem with the company

Fiorentina’s Cristiano Biraghi voiced his thoughts on the outcome of the game against Sassuolo, in a conversation with DAZN.

“We’re proud of the progress we’ve made over the past three years”, Biraghi stated, referring to the team’s growth since their coach joined. He noted that the team and the management have been developing together, with the latter having set high ambitions and committed significant investment.

Biraghi went on to acknowledge that not every match can be won, while also underscoring the excellent performance in the first half of the season. He urged against dwelling too much on that night’s performance.

Speaking on the unexpected place his team has found itself in, Biraghi said, “If at the start of the year we said we’d be fourth, with all the heavyweights around…” He firmly believes that their success is due to playing well and getting positive results, which in turn has boosted the team’s confidence, leading to improved performance.

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