Fiorentina’s Barone Squashes Transfer Rumours about Insigne but Leaves Room for Speculation

Before the match against Sassuolo, Fiorentina’s Joe Barone spoke to Sky Sport about the transfer market, with a particular focus on Insigne.

Barone refuted rumours surrounding Insigne, who currently plays in Toronto. “Insigne plays in Toronto, where the president is a dear friend. It’s not true,” he told Sky Sport, emphasising the importance of not forgetting the registers, an important issue in the transfer market.

A recognition of the significant work his team is currently doing was also conveyed by Barone. He expressed gratitude towards the club’s captain and staff for their outstanding work, which is visible in their league standing.

Barone revealed that Fiorentina is ready to respond to any necessary changes, underlining certain needs within the team that they are prepared to address.

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