Fiorentina’s $5 Million Bid for Vargas Falls Short: The Inside Story

Fiorentina’s technical staff have reportedly been monitoring the performance of Augsburg’s Rubén Vargas, despite a disappointing 1-0 home defeat to Bayer Leverkusen on the weekend, as remarked by Andrea Giannattasio on Corriere dello Sport.

Scrutinising the Swiss winger, who recently has become a primary target for Fiorentina’s forward area in this January transfer market, one could observe over an hour of gameplay, some decent initiatives and a yellow card for simulation only 18 minutes into the game.

The outcome was far from an excellent resume, and yet, the decision appears to be already made, according to sources at Viola Park.

Giannattasio stated that “even this weekend, discussions between the player’s entourage and Comisso’s club continued, with the aim of finding an agreement for the 1998-born player’s move to Florence as soon as possible.”

This statement points towards the likelihood of Vargas potentially making a transfer to the Italian side in the near future. However, no official confirmation on the matter has been declared yet and therefore, it remains a compelling subject of speculation among fans and pundits.

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