Fiorentina, Vargas is the Right Winger

Fiorentina is reportedly eyeing Swiss winger Rubén Vargas, who currently plays for Augsburg and of notable Dominican descent, as a prospect for its offensive winger position. Fiorentina’s director of sports, Daniele Pradè, has been a consistent fan of the Class of ’98 player, tracking his performance for at least three years. There were previous considerations to bring him into Stefano Pioli’s side in the summer of 2021 to strengthen their squad.

This interest in Vargas comes amid the club’s challenges in securing Romelu Lukaku’s brother, David Ngonge who is currently with Verona. Fiorentina has reportedly not made a bid since their initial 8 million euro offer was declined by the Yellow and Blues.

The quest for Tottenham’s Bryan Gil has also been with little to no progress so far, despite Fiorentina demonstrating an interest in the midfielder. However, he is still a player worth keeping an eye on.

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