Fiorentina, Vargas is the Right Winger

Fiorentina is reportedly considering Augsburg winger Rubén Vargas, according to Italian publication Corriere dello Sport. The Swiss player, of clear Dominican origin, has been on the radar of Fiorentina’s director of football, Daniele Pradè, for at least three years.

As per the source, Pradè had considered bringing Vargas to the Italian club in the summer of 2021 to strengthen the team’s wings. The renewed interest in the winger comes amidst difficulties in securing Ngonge from Verona. Fiorentina’s initial offer of €8 million was rejected and the club is yet to make a new bid.

Moreover, an apparent hiccup in procuring Bryan Gil from Tottenham has further prompted the club to scout for fresh talent, though the side has not entirely given up on Gil.

As the hunt for a skilled offensive flank player continues, Vargas could prove to be a strong contender to join Fiorentina. Notably, more information is awaited from the club’s management on their future course of action.

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