Fiorentina transfer update: Pruzzo suggests Kean is a significant risk and advises on next steps for Viola

Former Fiorentina striker Roberto Pruzzo has shared his thoughts on the club’s transfer activities and their targets, making particular mention of Moise Kean.

Speaking to Lady Radio, Pruzzo expressed his concerns regarding the potential signing of Kean.

“Kean is too big a risk, especially considering what he would cost,” Pruzzo said.

He stressed the importance of avoiding such a player under the current circumstances.

“The player is to be avoided; it would be a different matter with another, more reliable option,” he added.

Pruzzo’s statements come as Fiorentina’s transfer window remains a hot topic amongst fans and pundits.

His insights provide a valuable perspective as the club weighs its options and navigates the complexities of the transfer market.

As the season progresses, it remains to be seen how Fiorentina will approach their remaining targets and whether Pruzzo’s advice will be heeded in their decision-making processes.

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