Fiorentina Transfer Market: Karlsson the target, Ikoné the key

Fiorentina football club may soon be seeing a new face amongst their ranks, specifically, Karlsson from Bologna. As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Florence outfit is said to have been considering the possible transfer of striker Karlsson to join their team.

However, it seems that an initial refusal has been received from Bologna for their player. Even though he hasn’t yet fully burst onto the scene, the Felsinei club is willing to wait patiently for his aptitudes to fully flourish. This sentiment comes right from the top, from the club’s management, who have invested quite a bit on the former AZ player, down to manager Thiago Motta, who is especially counting on Karlsson in the aftermath of his recent injury.

But is this stonewalling budge-proof? Fiorentina seems to be exploring the idea of involving Ikoné in the negotiations. The French player, who was groomed at Paris Saint-Germain’s academy, was previously coached by Thiago Motta himself. This previous understanding between player and coach could be a critical factor in the potential transfer negotiations. As this situation unfolds, one can only speculate on how the chess-like pieces of the football transfer market will move next.

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