Fiorentina-Torino 1-0: 2023 concludes with a three-point win for Viola

In the Serie A 2023/2024 match at the Franchi, Fiorentina clashed with Torino for the 18th round.

Fiorentina claimed victory over Torino, cinching the game at 1-0.

Things came to a climax at the 90th minute with a final burst of additional five minutes needed to decide the match.

An exceptional goal from Ranieri in the 82nd minute gave Fiorentina the edge. Kayode assisted with a cross from the right, which Ranieri skilfully converted with a header in the box.

Fiorentina had a close call in the 71st minute with an attempt from Biraghi, but Torino’s goalkeeper Milinkovic handled it easily.

Earlier, in the 60th minute, Bonaventura made a shot due to a corner session but the ball was deflected.

Kouame missed another opportunity for Fiorentina in the 55th minute when Duncan crossed the ball to the box, but his twisting header missed the goal.

Fiorentina voiced their disappointment in the 52nd minute as they claimed a penalty for Ricci’s handball in the box. However, the call was neglected due to an offside ruling.

From this point, we break for half-time and resume at the 46th minute mark.

The match started with the whistle at the 1-minute mark.

Further updates were expected from 18:30.

The best player on the pitch was to be announced post match.

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