Fiorentina Making Progress in Acquiring Vargas

Fiorentina’s active participation in the football transfer market has gained momentum today, with Ruben Vargas becoming their primary objective. According to the Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport, the club’s management will present their first bid for the Swiss winger to Ausburg today. Vargas has made 15 appearances this season, clocking one goal and one assist. The initial proposal from Fiorentina is a sum of five million euros, with a series of bonuses expected to bring in total eight million euros for the German club.

However, the prevailing sentiment from Germany is to reject Fiorentina’s first offer. Corriere dello Sport warns, “the first response to the offer will be a no”, yet they anticipate considerable negotiation room between both parties. Ausburg is hoping that Fiorentina will boost their fixed contribution to a minimum of six million euros.

Meanwhile, the Swiss footballer seems to have reached a preliminary understanding with ‘the Purple team’ and admires Florence as a destination. The management is working tirelessly to clinch the deal as swiftly as possible. Despite the limited time, the club management conveyed that their intent is to bring the winger, if possible, to Saudi Arabia for the Supercup battles against Napoli, Lazio and Inter Milan.

It’s worth noting that this news comes against the backdrop of Fiorentina striving to bolster their squad, which is an ongoing subplot in this football transfer season. The signing of Vargas – a player with the potential to boost Fiorentina’s profile – would undoubtedly serve as a victory, both on and off the pitch.

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