Fiorentina Bologna: Top 10 Ratings on X Revealed

The enthralling quarter-final match of Coppa Italia between Fiorentina and Bologna has set social media alight with a myriad of analyses, curiosities and fine details.

Before the match commenced, Fiorentina supporter ‘Lore’ raised concerns about his team’s transfer window activity. “If we were to go out of the Coppa Italia tonight, the blame would certainly not be on the coach but those who have failed to provide him with timely solutions to long-existing problems,” says Lore on Twitter.

Bologna, however, has garnered firm belief from Marco Mosciatti irrespective of the season outcome. Marco said, “Whatever happens, Thiago Motta’s Bologna is a beautiful fairy tale that will become a solid reality through ambition, foresight, and talent. From those who take the field and those who work outside. Heads up.”

Gian Marco Porcellini made a curious cinema reference saying, “Christensen would have had the right face to act in ‘Trainspotting'”, when observing how the match was progressing.

On television, a noticeable moment occurred when Riccardo Trevisani mistakenly called Ferguson “Lewis Hamilton” and mixed up Maxime Lopez with Maxi Lopez.

‘Mentalità Milan’ on Twitter expressed admiration for Zirkzee’s performance, dreaming of him playing for the Rossoneri. “My goodness, how Zirkzee plays… Ball glued, always the right choice, he doesn’t miss a cue, fast, physical, heads the ball, helps in pressure. He scores. I dream,” said the Twitter user.

The game was equally appreciated by many, including notable Riccardo Cucchi and Marco Piccari. Reflecting on the game, Cucchi pointed out, “Fiorentina advances on penalties. Both teams played the game well. High pressing, well-manoeuvred plays, offensive spirit. The confrontation between Italiamo and Thiago Motta is a comparison between two coaches who know how to work well.”

Meanwhile, Marco Piccari emphasized the overall quality of football exhibited by both teams in the match.

However, Fiorentina supporter Nicolò Masini denounced the lack of support for the under-resourced team in his tweet. “It’s not the spirit that’s missing, it’s the material. It’s evident yet again, the offence of not lending a hand to this group now reduced in number. Desires and vulnerabilities are touching against Bologna, which is superior in every aspect. Resistance,” stated Nicolò.

Remarkably, Fiorentina made history by entering the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia consecutively for the third time.

Finally, the viewership ratings declared Fiorentina-Bologna as the winners with a continual rise in viewership, capturing 16.5% of the viewers – starting with 14.7% in the first half and ending with 23.6% during the penalty shoot-out.

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