Fiorentina, Barone’s fury: “Stadium? Angry and bitter”

Fiorentina’s Director General, Joe Barone, has shared his concerns about the club’s stadium issue in a recent interview with the club’s official channels.

Barone expressed his displeasure over the situation saying, “We have always asked to continue playing in Florence during the works at the Franchi but we are being forced to move the team out, to Cesena or Modena, this is a damage, a lack of respect and a slap to the city, the fans, the company. We are angry and bitter.”

He indicated the prevailing situation would make it tremendously challenging for future investments in Fiorentina and for the team’s supporters. Barone expressed hope for the fans to send a message to the city council which, according to him, appears reluctant to listen.

In a further comment aimed at supporters, Barone stated, “There will be elections soon and then you vote for your governor and nothing will change. Fiorentina is not a toy of politics, we were ready to put in 300 million to build the stadium but we were blocked.”

These statements reveal the current strain between the club management and local authorities concerning stadium development in Florence. The situation appears critical as the club revives efforts to invest in modernising its facilities while continuing to participate in competitive football games.

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