FIGC statement: Participation in non-FIFA or UEFA competitions rules out Serie A involvement

In a recent Federal Council meeting, the Italian Football Federation (Federcalcio) has unanimously approved a new licensing system for 2024-2025. This system implies that teams participating in competitions not organised by UEFA and FIFA will face exclusion from Serie A, the top Italian football league.

The Federation issued a clear directive to the clubs. The clubs must submit their application for admission to the Serie A Championship 2024/2025 by June 4, 2024. This application should include a request for the National License and a commitment not to participate in competitions organised by private associations not recognised by FIFA, UEFA, and FIGC.

Failure to adhere to the specified deadline, even in relation to only one of the obligations stipulated by the preceding paragraphs, will result in the non-granting of the National License 2024/2025.

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