Felipe Melo clashes with Walker: what happened – VIDEO

Following the Club World Cup match, Brazilian footballer Felipe Melo was reportedly involved in an altercation with Manchester City’s Kyle Walker. This took place after their face-off, which saw Manchester City claim victory.

The trouble started when Jack Grealish began to celebrate and made greetings towards the opposing team, Fluminense, after Manchester City scored their fourth goal. It seemed to strike a nerve with Felipe Melo, who initiated a physical confrontation with the English player.

He took it further by pushing Grealish and Walker himself, according to New Sheriff, a Twitter user who shared the heated moments using an embedded link.

The specific cause of the dispute is unclear. However, Melo, who previously held midfield positions for Juventus and Inter, is not a stranger to such controversy. Fortunately, the fracas only lasted a few seconds before a return to normalcy.

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