Farewell to Beckenbauer, the Kaiser who revolutionised football

The world of sports and journalism in general today mourns the loss of Franz Beckenbauer, fondly known as Kaiser. Federico Buffa in ‘Storie Mondiali’ remembers him for his cherubic face likened to “the sweet Sovereign Ludwig II of Bavaria.” Beckenbauer passed away yesterday, widely regarded as one of the most elegant and powerful footballers in the history of the game.

The Kaiser made his mark in two World Cups, winning in ’74 as a player and leading the team as a coach in ’90. Furthermore, he is esteemed for his participation in the 2006 World Cup as the president of the organizing committee.

His influence is evident in Bayern Munich, a team he transformed into a dominant force in Germany and Europe. Beckenbauer was a revolutionary on the defensive line and the creator of the sweeper role. His technical prowess allowed him to score 55 goals in his 467 games with the Bavarians.

It is clear that contemporary defenders capable of creating plays and rising to participate in manoeuvres owe their success to Beckenbauer’s legacy. His passing leaves a significant void in the world of football.

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