Faraoni’s first words as a Fiorentina player: I’ve always desired Fiorentina

New Fiorentina signing Faraoni has spoken out about his move to the club during the winter transfer window.

Speaking to Firenze Viola upon arrival at Santa Maria Novella station, Faraoni expressed his excitement about joining Fiorentina. “I’m very happy to be in Florence,” he mentioned.

There is some speculation as to whether Faraoni will immediately travel with the team to Riyad. Regarding this, he stated, “We’ll see, it all happened very quickly and I still need to process everything. It’s not that easy.”

The new Fiorentina acquisition also shared his ambition for the team. He hinted at his dream of clinching the Supercoppa, saying, “It’s always a dream,” but followed it up with a cautious “let’s see.”

Faraoni also revealed how much he wanted to join Fiorentina. “I very much craved the move. The moment I discovered that this move was a possibility, I hoped for it and I’m very pleased that it happened,” he was quoted as saying by Firenze Viola.

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