FA Cup: Manchester City wins and welcomes back De Bruyne

Manchester City strides to victory in the FA Cup, triumphing over Huddfiedsfield Town with the welcomed return of Kevin De Bruyne to the pitch after recovering from injury.

Manchester City showed no signs of struggle as they overcame Huddersfield Town in the FA Cup. The encounter with the Championship team ended in a confident 5-0 victory: Phil Foden found the back of the net twice, while other goals were scored by Alvarez and Doku, with an own goal from Huddersfield Town’s Ben Jackson adding to City’s tally.

What got the most attention, however, was the return of Kevin De Bruyne after his injury. Sharing his thoughts, Manchester City’s Spanish head coach expressed his relief and happiness at De Bruyne’s comeback.

“We’re incredibly happy to have him back with us,” he said. According to him, De Bruyne’s role in winning games is crucial. He opined that De Bruyne’s presence takes a lot of pressure off other players. However, the coach quickly added, “But I don’t want to place all the pressure on Kevin’s shoulders because that wouldn’t be fair.”

The team overall seems delighted with the result. The coach shared that overcoming Huddersfield proved slightly tough initially. “Scoring the first goal was important. After that, we found our rhythm and managed well,” he stated.

The coach affirmed his crucial role in the team and talked about his continued efforts to help the team with goals and assists. Referring to his responsibility, he said, “I’m striving to be that decisive player every match.”

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