Fiorentina’s strong move for Ruben Vargas, Gil not on the list

Fiorentina, the Serie A Italian football club, is eyeing an offensive winger with their sights surprisingly set on Swiss player Ruben Vargas.

Not just a name on a list, but one that could soon top it— Ruben Vargas. The young Swiss international, born in 1998, currently plays for Augsburg, with a contract set to expire in 2025. Fiorentina has made a significant move; the expected value is around 7 million euros and relations seem highly positive.

Having developed his football career with FC Lucerne, Vargas moved to Germany in the summer of 2019 and is now reportedly ready for a significant leap in quality.

There’s no feedback on Gil from Tottenham, who has never been a concrete target for Fiorentina. The ‘Viola’ has considered Ngonge in the past, but now they might decisively turn their attention to Vargas.

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