Ethan Mbappé reportedly leaves PSG, becomes free agent

After Kylian’s departure, PSG also bids farewell to the star’s younger brother, Ethan Mbappé, who will leave at the end of his contract.

Ethan Mbappé, younger brother of the newly signed Real Madrid star, has decided to leave PSG.

As reported by Fabrizio Romano, the young player will depart from PSG’s second team.

“Ethan Mbappé will leave PSG at the end of his contract,” Romano wrote.

He added, “The young talent has decided to pursue his career elsewhere.”

The exact destination of Ethan Mbappé remains uncertain.

However, the speculation around his next move is already attracting significant interest.

PSG fans will surely miss the promising talent in their youth ranks.

The departure follows closely on the heels of his brother Kylian’s high-profile transfer to Real Madrid.

This development marks another shift for the Mbappé family in this transfer window.

Football enthusiasts will be keeping a close watch on where Ethan’s journey takes him next.

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