Endrick: Impressed by what revolves around Real Madrid

Endrick, the latest football sensation from Brazil, aged just 17, has recently visited the facilities of Real Madrid in the Spanish capital, and gave a brief statement to Spanish publication, ‘As’.

Endrick expressed his profound impressions of the entire setup. “I was frankly impressed with everything surrounding the team. I loved everything; the stadium, the Valdebebas facilities, my teammates, the president… I’m very excited and hope to start my new journey soon,” he asserted during his exchange with ‘As’.

However, the young Brazilian also indicated a drive to finish his current journey with club Palmeiras impressively before embracing the anticipated new chapter at Real Madrid. Furthermore, he optimistically predicted that “2024 will be even better.” The anticipation surrounding Endrick’s transition adds another chapter to the rich history of Brazilian footballers making their mark in Europe.

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