Empoli’s Caputo Faces Ankle Issue, Doubtful for Verona Match

In what might be a significant blow to Aurelio Andreazzoli’s attacking strategy, footballer Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Caputo is reportedly grappling with an ankle injury. There is a high possibility that this could see him miss out on the upcoming match against Verona.

If confirmed, this absence of a key striker would indeed be a serious setback for the team. The news about Caputo’s injury was initially posted on Empoli’s official Instagram page.

Despite the club’s silent stance regarding the extent of the injury, the announcement has sparked worries among fans and the team as they eagerly anticipate their much-required fixture against Verona. Andreazzoli is yet to comment on this unfortunate development.

Football enthusiasts and analysts alike are watching out for further updates. Empoli’s attacking prowess may be significantly blunted without the presence of a seasoned striker like Caputo on the field. More details about Caputo’s injury assessment are expected in the coming days.

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