Empoli’s Andreazzoli says goalkeeper Berisha’s errors are more noticeable

Empoli’s Manager, Aurelio Andreazzoli, has spoken to DAZN about their recent drawn match against Lecce.

“There’s a little bit of regret, perhaps even more. The team played well, especially in the second half. In the first half, we were a bit too cautious. Not everything was running smoothly,” Andreazzoli stated in his post-game interview with DAZN.

However, he highlighted a more positive performance in the second half and the team’s ability to respond and create many opportunities.

Regarding player Berisha, Andreazzoli indicated some sympathy with his struggles, “I hugged him in the dressing room, what should I do with those who miss a goal? These kind of mistakes happen, when the goalkeeper makes them it’s more obvious. The goalkeeper has a great responsibility.”

He also made reference to the performances of players Cambiaghi and Cancellieri. “We had to intervene with the former as I was unfamiliar with some aspects of his game. Things are now functioning normally,” he stated. He further noted that Cancellieri performed well, but still needs to completely get things right to secure his spot on the team.

It seems the manager is taking these lessons in stride and is looking ahead with determination, ready for the team to refine and improve their performance.

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