Empoli Mayor states Fiorentina will not move to Castellani Stadium

The Mayor of Florence, Brenda Barnini, has spoken on the possibility of seeing Fiorentina play at Empoli’s Castellani Stadium due to ongoing works at their home ground, the Franchi Stadium.

In a recent sit-down with Fiorentina.It, Mayor Barnini discussed the situation.

“This is just a preliminary meeting, the first occasion in which every party has sat down at an institutional table,” she said. Mayor Barnini further noted that the municipality of Empoli had reaffirmed their previously known positions without any significant changes.

“Actually, I believe we can say that our reasons have been better understood this evening,” expressed the Mayor. From her remarks, it appears the dialogue about this potential change of venue for Fiorentina went well.

More updates are expected on this matter, pointing to further discussions among stakeholders to hash out the implications and viability of the proposed temporary move for Fiorentina to Empoli’s stadium. The details are yet to be made public.

This comes amidst a period of venue changes induced by stadium renovations and development, adding another considerable point of deliberation on the football administrative agenda.

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