Empoli-Lecce draw 1-1: Tuscan and Apulian teams share spoils

In the 15th round of the 2023/24 Serie A at Castellani, Empoli battled it out against Lecce.

The match ended in a stalemate with Empoli and Lecce sharing the spoils at one goal each.

An eventful football match, the game had multiple saves on either end. Notably, Lecce goalkeeper Falcone showed exceptional form denying Empoli’s Luperto’s close-range header in the 78th minute.

Empoli’s breakthrough moment came in the 72nd minute when Cambiaghi found the net, equalising the scoreline. In a statement, the match witnessed a competitive comeback from Empoli despite Lecce’s opening goal in the 64th minute. The opening goal was reported to come out of the first opportunity after the restart.

The report mentioned that Banda from Lecce took a shot at the goal from 30 meters out. The ball was targeted towards Berisha, who surprisingly let it slip in between his legs.

Even after the daunting setback, Empoli took the offensive. Bastoni made a promising run towards the goal, assisted by Sphendi, only to be denied by Falcone, stated the report.

The first half concluded at a two-minute added time, wherein no major events were reported other than some missed shots at either end.

At the end of the regular time, the scoreboard reflected a 1-1 draw between Empoli and Lecce.

Every player performed admirably in a game filled with several missed opportunities. The best player of the match will be determined at the end of the game.

The Empoli line-up included Berisha, Bereszyński, Ismajli, Luperto, Bastoni S., Kovalenko, Grassi, Maleh, Cambiaghi, Cancellieri, and Caputo, under the leadership of Andreazzoli.

On the other hand, Lecce was headed by D’Aversa, featuring Falcone, Gendrey, Baschirotto, Pongracic, Dorgu, Gonzalez, Ramadani, Oudin, Sansone, Piccoli, and Banda.

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