Empoli, Cambiaghi: An important point, we’ve shown we never give up

Empoli player Nicolò Cambiaghi has made remarks following their draw against Lecce, in an interview with streaming provider DAZN.

He diplomatically made his points on the game saying, “A point is important, we got back into the game, we have shown we never give up”. He also referred to the own goal following his own shot, “Yes, a bit of regret there is but we got back into the game.”

Cambiaghi, without giving much away about his own performance, briefly mentioned his personal game: “We are working well, I am doing well from a personal point of view. I set myself no limits.”

Turning his attention towards the team’s future commitments, he optimistically declared, “We now go to Torino with confidence, we will try to play our game.” Cambiaghi did not mention further details about their strategy, staying within the cautious lines that professional players often follow in post-match interviews.

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