Empoli, Andreazzoli: Incidents dictated outcome, we deserved a draw

Empoli coach, Aurelio Andreazzoli, expressed his disappointment following his team’s match against Sassuolo. Speaking to Dazn, he assessed, “We brought quality against a strong team, and a draw, I believe, would have satisfied both us and them.”

Disappointment was evident as he revealed his feelings about the outcome, expressing that, “it was not the right day, these are matches that are decided by events”.

Andreazzoli reflected on the team’s performance, “I think the audience enjoyed it, we put on a lively game”. There is no doubt that Empoli distinguished itself against the formidable Sassuolo, showing its potential despite the setback.

The team’s struggle to score goals has been an issue, however. Andreazzoli acknowledged, “We had the problem of goals, today we scored three, but it wasn’t enough”.

Implying a broader outlook, the Empoli coach emphasized the team’s resilience. “We have to continue though, with the same desire to achieve,” he said, stirring hope for the team’s future performance.

From this, it is clear Andreazzoli is not allowing disappointment to diminish his determination for the upcoming games. He will likely use this setback as motivation to accomplish more in the future.

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