Empoli, Andreazzoli: Events determined game, we deserved a draw

Empoli FC coach, Aurelio Andreazzoli, has reflected on his team’s performance in their recent match against Sassuolo.

Speaking to Dazn post-match, Andreazzoli applauded both sides’ quality play: “We have demonstrated quality against a strong team. A draw would have satisfied both us and them. Instead, we are left with a bitter taste.”

Though Empoli did not secure a victory, Andreazzoli believes the match was still impactful. “It was not the right day. These are games decided by episodes. I believe the crowd was entertained,” explained the coach.

In spite of not winning, Andreazzoli insisted that his team had managed to overcome some of their challenges, including their goal shortage. “We had the problem of goals, today we scored three, but that wasn’t enough,” he said.

Looking ahead, the Empoli coach made clear his perspective on the team’s course of action. “Patience is key, but we should continue having the same eagerness,” Andreazzoli added. His remarks emphasized the squad’s determination, despite their current challenge.

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