Elmas’ agent explains his Napoli farewell: Expected more playtime with Garcia

George Gardi, the agent for former Napoli player Eljif Elmas, spoke on Radio Crc about Elmas’ experience with the Italian team.

Discussing Elmas’ move, Gardi said it was a “joint decision with Napoli” and that it was time to take on a new adventure. He explained that Elmas wanted more playing time and to be a more substantial player following a significant year the season before. However, he noted that Elmas always respected his fellow players and accepted managerial decisions.

Gardi was quoted as saying on Radio Crc, “Elmas entered the pitch against teams like England, then returned to Napoli and found himself on the bench against lower-ranking teams. But he always showed utmost respect because he always accepted the decisions.”

The statement suggested that Elmas was underused during his time at Napoli despite being an experienced player with more than 50 national team appearances under his belt.

Elmas, a Macedonian international, has left Napoli after seeking a more prominent role within a team, further highlighting the clashing dynamics between his international reputation and his status at the Italian club.

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