Dragusin: I Can’t Believe He Rejected Bayern

Radu Dragusin’s agent, Florin Manea, has expressed his views on Dragusin’s surprising move from Genoa to Tottenham, as reported on Gsp.ro.

Manea revealed the struggle behind deciding upon Tottenham, especially after Bayern Munich’s appeal, “I can’t believe we turned down Bayern Munich. We made the decision at 8 o’clock this morning. It’s hard to make such a decision, and Bayern wanted him strongly. The official offer came last night”.

He further mentioned that the Bavarian giants offered more money. However, according to Manea, Dragusin felt that moving to Tottenham was the right step in his career.

The negotiations seemed to be a long, complex process, as Manea told about their all-night discussions to weigh the pros and cons of each offer. He also revealed that Napoli and Milan were interested in the player.

Yet, it appears Dragusin had always harboured dreams of playing in the English Premier League. According to Manea, Dragusin’s desire pushed him to Spurs instead of Genoa, even though the initial offer from Tottenham was lesser than Genoa’s expectation.

Manea commended Tottenham for their perseverance, “At one point, Tottenham fell behind Genoa’s expectations, but I said if the clubs agreed, we’d go with Tottenham. Spurs put in great efforts.” This statement illustrates Tottenham’s determination to secure Dragusin to their team.

Despite the many lucrative offers and interest from major European clubs, Radu Dragusin’s aspiration to play in the English Premier League appears to have played a major role in his surprising move to Tottenham from Genoa.

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