Doig-OM: The Surprise from 4 Days Ago and the Goal Within Reach

Josh Doig, the left-back from Verona, is moving closer to joining Olympique Marseille, in an unexpected turn orchestrated by Gattuso. The news of this possible deal is a novelty, never previously suggested in connection with Doig.

Previously, we had reported that Italian club Sassuolo had placed a considerable offer of 6 million euros plus bonus for the Scotsman. However, Doig and his team were understood to prefer a move to Marseille.

The waiting period was primarily for Marseille to respond, which seems to have reassured Doig and his representatives. The deal now appears almost final, even as Verona face a tricky relegation battle.

They will play against Empoli at “Bentegodi” at 6 PM, a match with high stakes. A few days ago, there was an idea of fielding Doig but the next few hours will confirm whether he will be featured or not.

What is certain though, is that the surprising turn of events from four days ago is gradually nearing its conclusion, with only the formal aspects of the negotiation yet to be finalized.

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