Di Francesco on the physical condition of Harroui and Mazzitelli in Frosinone

Frosinone’s manager Eusebio Di Francesco has spoken out ahead of a challenging match with Torino, during a press conference.

Di Francesco has expressed that the game will be certainly tough, he admitted while subtly hinting at the increasing strength of Torino, which he said “has not won in Bologna but did well, as well as in Monza.”

He continued, “The team has grasped the directions of the players better and Zapata’s conditions have improved. Harroui had a one and a half training session with the team, and he’s getting back into the rhythm and mechanisms of the team. We’ll need to have some patience. I know that his condition is still not at its best, but he can contribute something if needed.”

“The return of Lirola to the group brings a new challenge; we have to figure out how to integrate him. Mazzitelli is still not doing well, we will evaluate him next week. Gelli has alternated work with the group and personalised work but will be available tomorrow. For Marchizza, we’re considering whether to operate or not. Brescianini has trained all week with the group”, Di Francesco added.

Speaking on the replacement for Barrenechea, Di Francesco openly said, “Without Mazzitelli, we don’t have many alternatives in that role. Right now, I don’t know who can replace him, but I do have a general idea.”

Towards the end of his address, he commended Torino noting their recent improvements with specific recognition of the return of Zapata, a determinant player he said can sway matches. Di Francesco was quoted saying, “Torino? They have grown a lot, they’ve found Zapata who’s a decisive player, capable of tilting games. I believe they aspire to Europe.”

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