“Derby, Parents of the Fan Who Lost His Ear: ‘Enough, Close the Stadiums'”

The aftermath of the recent Coppa Italia derby match between rivals Lazio and Roma has been tainted not only by on-field incidents but also by deplorable episodes that occurred within the stands of Stadio Olimpico.

The game was marred by excessive use of flares and smoke devices, launched by both Lazio and Roma supporters from the Tevere Stand and Curva Sud. Regrettably, a young man lost an ear during these disturbances; an event which has unveiled deep frustration among the boy’s family. The person in question, 27-year-old Federico, stands as the most severe casualty following the disputes between the biancoceleste and giallorossi fan bases.

Federico’s parents, Alessandro and Antonella, have publically voiced their outrage. The parents told Repubblica, “He lost an ear because of a football game, he has some internal injuries. He probably won’t regain hearing in his right ear. Shut down the stadiums, watch the games at home, all this is unacceptable.”

This ongoing issue continues stirring a series of expected controversies in the days following an already hostile Lazio-Roma match. The experienced aftermath is indeed a glaring reminder of the unacceptable side effects that can mar a game loved by so many fans worldwide.

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