Depaoli: My dream is to return to Serie A with Sampdoria

Fabio Depaoli, full-back for Sampdoria, recently detailed his experience in the team managed by Andrea Pirlo, during a discussion on the programme ‘Cronache di Spogliatoio’.

Depaoli explained, “We started badly, there was a radical change in the club, we had to come back and get all the mechanisms working.” He stressed that the team had managed to regain continuity, self-awareness, and the desire to play every match with a winning attitude.

Further in the interview, Depaoli revealed that his dream is to return to Serie A with Sampdoria and remain there for as long as possible. He expressed his comfort in the city and his gratitude towards the club. “My family and I are happy here. In my decision to stay in Genoa this year, the manager influenced a lot, but also the club that made me a long renewal. Despite having offers from Serie A, I decided to stay as the project that was proposed to me is convincing.”

Depaoli made it clear that the prestige of a club like Sampdoria had also influenced his decision.

The right-back also opened up about his special relationship with the manager, Andrea Pirlo. In the interview on ‘Cronache di Spogliatoio’ he said, “He strongly wanted me to stay here and therefore I thank him whenever I can. It doesn’t matter if he deploys me as a winger or full-back, I always try to repay the trust he gives me on the pitch.”

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