De Zerbi enjoying his time at Brighton

Brighton’s manager, Roberto De Zerbi, has spoken out following their victory over Tottenham.

Reflecting on the match, De Zerbi said, “I regret that we conceded two goals and didn’t keep a clean sheet, but that’s Brighton for you. We can play for 80 minutes like we did in the first half, then face a lot of pressure in the last ten. We made a mistake on their first goal, but we played an exceptional game as we displayed incredible courage, defending man-to-man for 90 minutes.”

De Zerbi also had high praise for Joao Pedro. “He was the best player on the pitch and had another exceptional game,” De Zerbi affirmed. “I’m pleased with his progress in attitude and mindset. He defended for 90 minutes like a central defender and is truly becoming a top player. We needed something different.”

De Zerbi indicated his satisfaction at Pedro’s growing stature and his own efforts in navigating the season. He said, “I’m enjoying this period immensely. I’m working harder than I did in the first part of the season to find different solutions. We needed better judgment and to take risks, and it has paid off exceedingly well.”

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